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💜 I’m in love with my newly animated #DOTLUNG logo!!! Motion #design is more important than ever in our digital world to convey your brand/message and emotionally captivate your audience!!!

🔥 Why is motion design a requirement for social media advertising success?

1️⃣ Provides Clarity — condense the wordy, complex information into something that is visually captivating.

2️⃣ Increase your Market Awareness — stand out from the boring crowd.

3️⃣ Effective persuasion — Motion design helps viewers retain over 50% more information than just viewing images with texts. Plus 93% recall of information with audiovisual, versus 10% recall with just plain text alone.

🤬 Don’t be another fucking boring brand with terrible static graphics and ugly Facebook Ads.

🦄 Be a beautiful unicorn. Let’s make some digital magic!

🐲 Do you want your logo animated like mine? Send me a message if you’re thinking about a digital make-over for your brand. My amazing design unicorns and animators are waiting to make something epic for you!!! #WorkWithDot


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