Live now!

Antwerp is the place to be for Us By Night, and Dot by Night!

Join me in the living room in Antwerp where I will be talking everything social!

Mr. Bingo. Jonas Lindstroem. Erik Kessels. Mate Steinforth. United Visual Artists. Eric Hu. Territory Studio.

These are just some of the headlining names at Us By Night, a three “night” conference celebrating artists and providing an unforgettable experience and memorable nights from a cadre of international talent!

Us by Night is the brainchild of Rizon Parein who was a high school drop out, went into construction, and made a name for himself as a graffiti artist that turned into an international career. He has worked with Nike, Jay Z’s BMIA music festival, Apple, Toyota, Mercedes, Facebook, Nespresso and more. His main gig the last five years has been working with Nike Brand Design Portland.

The people they have lined up for this year is incredible. I’m looking forward to meeting you in Antwerp, and spending time with my design soulmate Sofia Papadopoulou. Want to meet with us? Want to hear my talk on social in the Us By Night “Living Room”? Click on the link to pick up tickets, and to check out more information on this amazing conference.

Thanks to Rizon for the invite and the opportunity! Can’t wait for November!

November 22, 23, 24 are the dates so book it in your calendar and buy tickets now!


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