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Dot Lung partners with Domestika for the launch of her first online course Instagram Strategy for Business Growth

Learn a proven method to generate brand awareness, build meaningful relationships and grow a community that’s obsessed with your brand.

The Girl with the Dragon’s Formula

Tel Aviv, Israel, March 23rd, 2020 — OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE

Dot Lung, who gained industry fame for generating $50,000 USD from one simple organic digital post, has partnered with Madrid-based Domestika to offer her very first online course to teach her highly successful “Dragon Formula for Instagram Growth.”

“Instagram is one of the best platforms for growing your online community, but most people don’t understand how to do it organically, and fail to understand what real engagement means by focusing on what I call vanity metrics. I want to change that,” states Lung.

Lung has been one of the more in-demand social media consultants and featured speakers, working with Facebook, Wix, Motionographer, Digital Design Days, OFFF Festival, Ladies Wine and Design, Sonar+D, Paper Sessions by OCB and Nipple Magazine.

“I’ve had the fortune of helping young creatives, artists, and designers on their path to take over the world and create a living with social media and I am a prime example of how you can do this following my proven formula,” declares Lung.

The challenge, as Lung has identified, is professionals haven’t figured out how to make money from Instagram, which she has done not only for herself, but for brands she has helped launch, as she discussed in a recent feature interview with Vanity Fair in Italy. She is currently launching products for Wix Playground, and their new art marketplace, both of which have been a great success.

“The difficulty is that the focus ends up being on engaging with the wrong people, or using it only as a broadcast platform, instead of creating direct conversations and direct engagement. Most sales happen via private message and not with bots, third-party apps or other means which can actually alienate your potential customers,” muses Lung.

Her first course in partnership with Domestika, “Instagram Strategy for Business Growth,” teaches her proven “DRAGON” formula for brand awareness, and focuses on how to build and create meaningful relationships with your targeted audience. The course is affordable for anyone, with a price of 39,90€, and promises to be the first of many opportunities for freelancers to create income from Instagram and is available publicly beginning on March 18th, 2020.

“My ultimate goal is to help you attract buyers and to become ‘niche notorious’ in your industry. Plus, with the current global situation with Covid19, now is a great time to work on strategies like this from the comfort of your own home ,” concludes Lung.

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