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Dot shares how nonprofits can connect with Gen Z

Salesforce gives back to the globe!

I am honoured to be part of Salesforce’s “The Connected NonProfit Conference” in both London and Amsterdam, where I’ll be sharing how nonprofits can connect with Generation Z and the current state of modern philanthropy.
What is the Connected NonProfit Conference?

Salesforce believes technology is the most powerful equaliser of our time, providing access to data, knowledge, and above all connections. Relationships have become the currency of our world and now, more than ever, stronger connections to your communities are pivotal to unlocking urgent impact.

Your work is too important for you to be left behind. Making a difference in people’s lives is challenging and we see our job as future-proofing you – technology, when used for social good has the power to change the world!

Embark on your road to success at one of our breakout sessions or workshops and discover the power of being a connected nonprofit when it comes to making informed decisions in the areas of Fundraising, Program Management, Marketing & Engagement and Impact. Included in the day’s agenda will be industry analysts and shapers to discuss top of mind issues for nonprofits.

Salesforce looks forward to you joining us for a day full of inspiration, learning, innovation and connecting!

LONDON IS SOLD OUT. The conference is November 8th, if you’re attending!

Your only chance to still participate is to sign up for Amsterdam on November 13th!  The link for tickets is below!


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