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Dot asks Alberto Espinós Galofré 11 Questions

Taking risks is part of my lifestyle.

1. How hard was it to leave Crowdcube to start TropicFeel?
It was hard, I was having a great experience in Crowdcube. However, taking risks is part of my lifestyle.
2. What was it about the conversation you had about shoes on you holiday that really made you decide this is what you wanted to do?
I convinced Lucas, my partner, saying that from that moment on, the company was going to pay us to travel the world.
3. Friends, family, and fools helped with your first shoe release. What lessons did you learn from that experience that led to your new designs?
We have learned a lot, and also used the time to make some key hires. What I have learned, is that if you have a great product and talent everything will be much easier. We have also listened to a lot of insights that let us improve our communication and value proposition.
4. How did you source materials and determine which suppliers to use for material and for your production?
Google is our best employee 😉
5. Did raising 2,4 million and having so much press create additional stress for you and for your team?
Not for the press, the worst part is the trolls and unhappy backers. It’s easy to get used to flattery, not criticism.
6. How much of an impact has social media been on your marketing campaigns and customer communication? Any tips you’ve learned in the process?
Being transparent and use social media to gain traffic!! We have also learned that preparation is the true key to success.
7. Who has been your best mentor or someone you have looked to for advice and inspiration?
Peak Design is our inspiration!!
8. What is your favourite part about traveling? Least favourite?
The freedom and the adrenaline. Preparing my luggage.
9. What advice to you have for others who are looking to crowdfund their projects?
Take it seriously!! Analyze, prepare, do a great pre-campaign and make sure you are doing everything you can to drive traffic to your pitch page
10. Favourite part of your work day?
The moment you have the inbox under control.
11. Unicorn or Dragon, and why?
Unicorn, I think is a happier 🙂
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