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Dot asks Marcia Wieder 11 Questions

I encourage people to separate out their dreams and doubts, then explore if their doubts are limiting beliefs or something that simply requires a strategy.

I had the huge pleasure of meeting Marcia Wieder at Kinnernet in Portugal earlier this year. Her story, her life, and her philosophy has been such an inspiration this year for me! Marcia is the renowned author of 15 books dedicated to achieving your dreams, including Dream: Clarify and Create What You Want, Making Your Dreams Come True, Life is But a Dream, Dreams are Whispers From the Soul and Doing Less and Having More. She’s also a writer for The Huffington Post and was a syndicated columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle. She has had international best selling books in over 10 countries. Enjoy my 11 questions with Marcia!

How did you start Dream University?

I don’t know how far back to go, so I’ll start at the beginning! Originally I had a company called Dream Coach® where I trained and certified over 1000 life coaches. It was very smart of me to brand and trademark because you cannot call yourself a “dream coach” unless you have been certified by me. One morning, I woke up and saw that “Dream Coach” was actually part of a bigger vision that would be called “Dream University”. When the URL was available, I took that as a sign that I was called to do it. It started out with a live program, then morphed into many live programs.  It eventually became the online curriculum that I have today. I love the fact we have a library with tons of free resources at


Your message is one of such positivity, how do you help people remove self-doubt?

The number one way that we sabotage our dreams is by projecting our fear and doubt into those dreams, and we do it with three little words:

“But what if…?”

I encourage people to separate out their dreams and doubts and then explore if their doubts are limiting beliefs, or something that simply requires a strategy. I call it my “doubt removal” system and it’s part of the online Dream Coach® curriculum.


How do you decide on which clients to accept? 

I don’t. If people land on the site and are interested in participating in an online program, they simply purchase it. There’s lots of free stuff too because my feeling is if people want help and support for their dreams, they should easily be able to get it.


What was it like to work with three US presidents? Harder, easier, or the same as working with non presidential clients?

It began when I was president of the National Association of Women Business Owners and living in Washington DC. Back then, president Jimmy Carter wanted to learn more about women entrepreneurs, so I was primally called on for that. Years later, working with president Ronald Reagan and president George Bush Sr. was interesting, but there was a lot of red tape and security. I held a top-secret clearance back then, so I was a valuable resource, but it wasn’t like the president was directly asking for my input. It was more about working with their teams. Besides, it was politics, so nothing happened quickly. It makes a nice resume item. 

You are offering a sacred pilgrimage to Israel in May next year. What draws you to Israel?

I’ve had the privilege to visit many sacred sites and I feel Israel holds a special energetic vibration I haven’t experienced at many other places. I only will take four or five people with me on this trip because it’s a very intimate and deep experience. I did it last year and it was so meaningful for me and the participants that I decided to do it again. People can learn more about the trip or working privately with me in a visionary strategy day at my personal site which is

How much of an impact has YouTube been on your branding?Any tips you’ve learned while working with the platform?

I’m lame in the technology department so I need to partner with people like you! Over the years my team has posted videos on YouTube, but frankly the only thing I use it for personally are Stephen Colbert’s monologues, which is how I get my news living in Rome. I’m a big Facebook person because I post videos or musings spontaneously and get a lot of comments in response. Now that I live abroad it’s how I stay in touch with my fans and friends.

Who has been your best mentor or someone you have looked to for advice and inspiration?

I have been a fan of David Bowie since 1974 because he continued to create and re-create himself throughout his entire lifetime. One of my few regrets is I did not get to meet him but I saw him often in concert. I even saw him as the Elephant Man on Broadway, which he did without make up. Since he has passed, his art, music, fashion seems to be around even more, especially in Europe. I think it takes great courage, skill and tenacity to continually try new things and not get stuck in being what people or fans expect you to be.

You travel for speaking and for work. Favourite part about traveling? Least favourite?

I love visiting places that I have never been to and being escorted around as a VIP by locals. My least favorite part is when the weather is bad, flights are delayed or being in a boring city alone.


You’re a member of Nobel Women’s Initiative and you’ve worked with foundations which helped finance and build 14 schools in Kenya. What is the most joyful part of giving back? 

There was nothing like traveling to Kenya to actually help build some of the schools and experience the gratitude of the children, families and communities for the gift they had received. They even gave me a goat, which I had to secretly donate to another community. I’m looking forward to returning to Kenya and sharing my dream curriculum with the students.


Favourite part of your work day?

I don’t have a workday. I just have life and during any given day I like new experiences. I like meeting interesting or fun people, and exploring. It doesn’t matter whether it’s work or play.

Unicorn or Dragon, and why?

Uniquely a unicorn with dragons breath. I can be very vocal, opinionated and strong in my intention and commitment. But I have magical child thinking and prefer not to know how things work.

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