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Dinner and a Show has a whole new meaning at Cabaret Barcelona.

Over the top visual and culinary experience had me at the first drop of spandex.

The Barcelona Edition Hotel opened to much fanfare a few weeks ago. The giant show was talked about amongst the Barcelona circles for a few days after, but I was a little skeptical. Sure you can have that zip for an opening, but can it continue?

I didn’t know what to expect. Not to be overly critical, but I really wasn’t that impressed with the promo video they have done for the Cabaret website. It was a little creepy, and not in a good way. I was hoping this was the idea from the agency, and not indicative of the actual real live experience.

I also wanted to give my good friend, Marcia Wieder, something different for her birthday. I wanted to show her something both of us had never experienced or seen before, and this by all accounts was that opportunity. Marcia has been interviewed by Oprah twice, consulted for three U.S. presidents, and is a New York Times best selling author. So to say, she’s been there, done that, and written the book, is pretty much a true story.

I was blown away. She was blown away. It was a birthday experience extraordinaire!

I’m normally not much of a screamer or squealer of excitement. I’m more of a woo and wow gal. I’m known to be a “Oh My God. Like Wow. I’m just wow.” And that’s my limit.

I was screaming and squealing at the Cabaret show. Pho-nom-en-al. Literally. Mind Blown.


Food first. Squid sashimi with almond cream and caviar. Saffron and fish with a dusting of béarnaise. Mussel aphrodisiac courtesy of Chef Sebastian Mazzola that was a hint of what was to come. Actually all of it courtesy of the brilliant Chef Sebastian.

Look, if you want something different, something untypical, don’t watch the video on their website to deter you from what is going to be a pretty unique and special experience in Barcelona for years to come. The talent in the show was phenomenal. The choreography and auditory experience was one of the best I’ve seen here in a very long time.

This is the best cabaret show in Barcelona. Period. End of sentence. Forget Shoko. Forget Bananas. Forget anything on the tourist Rambla mile. This is THE show.

And the ass shaking is a wonder. I’m still dreaming.

Happy Birthday Marcia!

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