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Terranea is a dream of a resort that has kept elements of its past.

Babes and Bunnies and gastro heaven was the day at Terranea Resort.

Terranea is truly an example of how a vision is executed to perfection. Stay for a week or a weekend. Dine for an evening. Dine casually or do fine dining. Play a round of golf. Relax at the pool. Spend time with your family.

Ironically, the reason for my visit to Terranea was for my cousin Jennifer’s baby shower. It was an epic baby shower, by the way, an all day affair that even included bunnies. Bunnies!

What’s interesting for me is the history. Marineland, which was on the site from the 60s up until 1987, was a Palos Verdes icon, and before my time. Growing up there, it was a place we’d escape to party in the abandoned parking lot, or the partially torn down buildings, or walk along the coastline with the boy of the week.

When construction on the Terranea started, it was big news in our neighbourhood. I went to university, then onward to Europe, so I never really got to experience the resort too much or appreciate what it has become. It has become the go-to spot in Palos Verdes.  And why?

Let’s start with the gastro side. You can dine casually where the 50s TV show Sea Hunt was filmed, right over the cliff, complete with a surf shack. You can dine elegantly beside two pools, one is adults only. How about fine dining in style at Mar’sel? Be avant garde at Bashi. The options are endless. I’m still in love with the bunnies. My instagram will be full of bunnies soon.

Staying in style? Rooms. Suites. Bungalows. Casitas. Villas at the golf course. The options are endless, and all are 5 star top end, luxury filled design. Terranea has become one of THE places to have your wedding for not only the service and the amenities, but for the amazing view of the Pacific.

The staff was simply amazing at Terranea from breakfast to sundown. The baby shower was so much fun, and the Terranea team made sure everything went off without a single challenge. Seemless and effortless allowing all of us to enjoy a great time.

If you’re a film buff, Pirates of the Caribbean shot there, and the original bat cave from Batman was also up there. The Aviator. Charlie’s Angels. And more.

Maybe I’m biased because I grew up here. But I will say that whenever I’m home, I’ll be spending more time at Terranea. Sorry mom, but I might be skipping staying at home and hopping over to Terranea for one of the casitas beside the award winning spa. But don’t worry mama, you can join me for Volcanic Clay Wrap. My treat.

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