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West Coast Hotels that blew me away during my extended stay in Cali

Hotels are the necessary pleasure when it comes to traveling.

With the advent of the sharing economy, from Airbnb to house swapping apps and more, there is still something special about experiencing a hotel which truly has an unforgettable and authentic experience. Sure, you can stay at the typical, but for similar money, and a little research, you can find a unique experience like I did while I was in Cali.

My four faves from the Unicorn West Coast Tour stood out for me for different reasons. Location, service, design, or overall good vibrations. Having great company along for the ride never hurts whether it’s intimate friend(s) or family!

What were my top four spots?

Number Four – Hotel G Union Square

There is nothing like being in the heart of San Francisco, one block away from Union Square. Restaurants, food trucks, people watching, and more are just a few of the things you can experience at “The G.”  Fitness centre, Klyde Cafe and Wine Bar, 398 Restaurant and Bar, and Benjamin Cooper Bar are just four of the best parts of this location. No bellman or baggage handling here, because these peeps aren’t “old school”.

Hotel G was the design brain child of Hun Aw Studio, and the chic nature of the rooms certainly shows. But one secret that has been quietly launched is the three new penthouse suites that just opened when I visited in August. No wonder it’s been called one of the sexiest boutique hotels by …. everyone.

Number Three – Hotel Proper 

Okay, so cool building. I mean COOL building. Think history (Secessionist) meets hip (Modernist) meets avant garde (Cubist). The Modernist update was performed by LA design scene “tastemaker” and critically acclaimed interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Hotel Proper also features  one of the best mattresses I’ve ever slept on thanks to Aireloom. Did I mention the super cool triangle shaped building? Awesome wine selection at Villon, with DAPPER and I mean DAPPER mixologists at the bar, who made me a dynamite “Billy Le Kid.” Oh, and the triangle building is amazing!

The lobby and the spaces are so inspiring and comfortable all in one. I wanted to curl up in every corner and just enjoy the views inside. If you look at the gallery below, you’ll see what I mean!

Number Two – Terranea Resort

I was so enthralled by the experience at Terranea that I wrote an entire blog about it. You can find it in the links.

Number One – Hotel Nia Menlo Park

Maybe it was the proximity to Facebook, and it was part of my Facebook experience. Maybe it was the attention to detail of the interior pieces fitting in with the entire overall design feel. But let’s just say, Hotel Nia inspired my creativity to the point where I played around with my photos unlike any other hotel experience to date.

The combination of wood, concrete and textiles was tranquil and modern at the same time. Quiet spaces throughout the hotel made for opportunities to unplug and decompress, and many tech heads staying at the hotel were doing just that.

The architecture of the Nia also reminded me of some of my fave buildings back home in Barcelona. It could easily have been transported down to Diagonal Mar, or next to the tech hub in Poblenou. The set up of the bar was especially invigorating with those walking by,

Final Thoughts

In the end, for me all four combined the elements of relaxation, elixation (it’s a word), and gastronamation (my new word) and sleepation (slang word), designification, and architectualization.

Did I mention location?

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