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Dos Pebrots a sensory experience with a wow factor off the charts!

Art on a higher level in all aspects and senses.

There are some places which strike you with such emotional power that we are just overwhelmed. It’s usually for two reasons, opposites attract in an intense moment or there is such a symbiotic connection to the point you feel you have experienced it before.

For me Dos Pebrots is a completely symbiotic relationship. The moment I walked in the door, the space was such a reflection of history with keeping many of the elements from the building’s past (think stone and colours), along with industrial modernism with the incorporation of steel, plus the sleekness of minimalism in the bar area, plus rustic with the interior design touches. It appealed to all my design preferences immediately and intimately.

The menu, marketing, and graphic design is the same. A playful tone, coupled with bright bold tones, and a witty sense of humor, grabbed me immediately. I mean, how many spots make a recommendation on the utensil you should use, on the menu? My first time.

The dining experience is amazing – taking historic menus from all over the Mediterranean and from different time periods – transporting you all over the map and the sands of time. I felt at home in the time of the Moors, the time of Don Quixote, and more. Instead of trying to quantify and qualify each plate, just gander at the photos. Really.

My only regret was not trying the pig udders. I think it was because I’m a bit of a rebel, and truly, every single review of Dos Pebrots features and pontificates on the udder to the point of utter boredom. I had to pass, but I will try them in the future, once the novelty dies off. I’m sure they’re amazing, and I’ll avoid a final pun to finish the paragraph (it’s so hard not to).

Overall, you MUST go.  I mean, if my hero, Anthony Bourdain deigned his presence here, smiling (photo above courtesy of Dos Pebrots Instagram feed) and enjoying, then I think you should give Chef Albert’s brilliant concept a try.

Speaking of, yes, Dos Pebrots is the brain child of Albert Raurich’s brilliant persona, the man behind Barcelona’s only Michelin starred Asian fusion resto, around the corner (Dos Palillos for those of you not familiar). Raurich got his start at El Bulli, as head of the kitchen for Ferran Adria.

Dos Pebrots is certainly double the fun, double the flavor, double the history, and just such a pleasure. You just might find me there sipping a glass of red and chomping on the udders.

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