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House cava Catalan tapas and great camaraderie makes La Xampanyet a top tapas destination.

You won’t stop at just one glass or one order of tapas.

There’s something to be said, in this day and age, when you google a place to dine, and the only thing that comes up is third party ravings about how awesome a place is.

La Xampanyet is a throwback to an era before social media, the internet, mobile phones, and even television. First opened in 1929, the spot has been located on the same street since, and features most of the original interior design down to the tiles on the walls. It has been a source of inspiration for me anytime I need a boost of creativity. Modernist meets modern and the smell of the wood, the cava, the tapas ingredients is like my catnip. 🙂

It’s rare to find such an amazeballs spot in Barcelona! With the current wave of corporate food experiences popping up all over the city,  La Xampanyet has bucked the trend and thrived by sticking to their tried and true formula: their own top cava at a great price (2€per glass) fresh ingredients for a remarkable medley of tapas choices, and after you’ve been there only twice, you’ll feel like a regular.

La Xampanyet treats locals and tourists the same. One of the few places who welcomes all, not matter who you are or what language you speak. They tolerate my Spanish, and for me it’s such a great way to practice! Thanks guys!

The culinary stuff! Okay so everyone raves about the Cantabrian sardines, but look, for me, there is not a bad thing on the menu. From their grilled peppers served with a little slices of delish entrecot, to the prawns, to the mouthwatering razor clams, pan con tomate, local mushrooms in pesto, and one of my favourite Spanish tortillas EVER, this is a place where you come for tapas but quickly fill up.

Forget dinner if you’re coming here. You’ll end up staying for hours on hours. My record is, I think, four hours, and 8 glasses of cava later. It’s so much fun especially with a group of friends, but I’d say skip the large groups, because if you’re more than four, you’ll have a hard time sitting together. Plus, there’s no reservations. First come, first serve, and keep eating.

So if you want to do cava, tapas, and maybe a little vermut like a local, then La Xampanyet is your first stop. I was so happy to take my friends Kristen and Daniella my last two visits, and they are now fans!



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