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Uting Design presents the Super Power Workshop with Chris Do, CEO of The Futur & the Mother of Social Media Dragons, Dot Lung!

Social Media Dragons in Bergen, Norway!

How do you run a successful and profitable creative business?


How do you market your business on social media?

How do you attract your dream clients?

How do you price work that is both fair to you and the client?

Should you charge hourly, per project or based on value to client?

What is ethical to charge beyond cost?

How do you answer the dreaded question of, “How much?”

This September 16th & 17th,  catch the father of The Futur, Chris Do and the Mother of Social Media Dragons in a 2 Day Super Power Workshop in Bergen, Norway.

Learn to master the Dragon’s Formula for social media growth with Dot Lung. We’ll cover how to create a social media presence using dialogue, relatability, authenticity, giving value, and niching down to your dream clients.

Learn the Business of Design: mindset, communication, sales, pricing & negotiation with Chris Do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer, solopreneur or multi-person studio, Chris will teach you pricing and sales fundamentals including: how to price based on inputs(selling time and materials), outputs(selling deliverables) and value.

In this workshop, you’ll learn to create a winning social media strategy, have conversations around sales, bidding, and budgeting with confidence, so that you waste less time, win more work and focus on what’s important—doing amazing creative work. The workshop is a mixture of prepared talk, worksheets, open format Q&A, and role-plays.

The event will be hosted and organize by Uting Design.

You can RSVP here.

See ya in Bergen!



Additional details:

• Learn the difference between cost, price and value

• Price bracketing

• Price anchoring

• Phased engagement(lossaversion bias)

• How to price the client and not the job(ValueBased Pricing)

• Calculate your hourly rate

• Calculate your minimum level of engagement

• Project based bidding

• Bid projects with confidence

• Socratic selling approach

• Full value listening

• Overcoming objections

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