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5 lessons I learned at Promax Europe, in Amsterdam!

Promax Europe took place in Amsterdam for two days on March 26 & 27th, 2019. I had the honor of speaking (on the same stage as The Stefan Sagmeister!) about using the D.R.A.G.O.N.’s formula for social media growth and community building!

The speakers joining Promax were some of the leading professionals in the field of entertainment marketing, TV & Broadcasting Design and Animation. Promax Europe is an exceptionally  produced event. It’s my 2nd Promax, the first being last June in New York, and both of the events were very well organized!

Here were my 5 takeaways:

1) It took 5 years before The Walking Dead was even taken seriously and made by AMC.

2) Troika showed us how The Netflix algorithm is a machine learning beast!

3) Alberto Brea, founder of Rise & Chief Growth Officer, shared How Leading Brands Are Winning The Direct-to-Customer Conversation. Marketers across a wide range of industries are actively working to develop direct-to-customer (DTC) models that reach customers via social, mobile, and digital channels and devices. Key takeaways from Alberto were:

  • Get one thing right.
  • Sales overnight, brand overtime
  • Own the total customer experience

4) Katrina Dodd, Head of Trends at  Contagious gave us the 10 commandments to brand bravery! Number 10 being, “Be Brave!” not with recklessness or foolishness but with measured risk  & calculated bravery using smart strategies boldly executed. Easier said than done Katrina! 😋

5) Stefan Sagmeister founder & partner at Sagmeister & Walsh, New York City’s finest creative agency, left us with the inspiration to collect, copy &  create beauty. We  learned that beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder (As a rule of thumb, there are 25-50% of things where there is an agreement that it is beautiful – for example circles and the color blue are more beautiful than all other shapes and colors to the human eye), and that it’s time to get away from functionalism of the 50’s – 80’s and let beauty take a role back into our craft. I couldn’t agree more!

A huge congratulations and massive thank you to Lester Mordue, Sara Brady, & Steve Kazanjian (The President & CEO of Promax featured in my selfie 😜🤳) And  shoutout to the entire rockstar production team and A+ staff at Promax for hosting us!

I’m really excited to join the upcoming Promax Asia conference happening May 27th in Mumbai, India! I’ve never traveled to India 🇮🇳 yet so I’m looking forward to the next #TravelWithDot adventure!

Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something new in today’s #LearnWithDot post!


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