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A stroll with Alex Mathers!

Excited to have been featured on @alexjmathers’s brand spanking NEW #Podcast — #StrollWithAlex!!! Alex is an amazing illustrator, writer and creative business coach that I’ve followed for years!!! So when he asked me to be on his new podcast I was very honored. ⠀

I had met Alex when he was a speaker at Offf #Barcelona in 2013 but we haven’t actually reconnected until recently since we’ve both been on a mission to empower creative people to take over the world!!! ⠀

7 years ago, I remember I was too shy to introduce myself to him in person, because believe it or not, I’m truly a natural introvert with social anxiety. Super ironic for a social dragon right? ⠀

I had to practice everyday to be the outspoken “fake extrovert” I am today. I taught myself how to network and be the “social” on social media. And if I can do it, so can you. ⠀

I hope you enjoy this episode on how to get the “social” in social media right! Check it out on {link below}

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