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Even though I have a career I don’t think of it as a career, I just think of it as a hobby that I can make money from.

I had the pleasure of meeting Alyne Tamir, the founder of  Girls Gone Global and the creator of “Dear Alyne” a Facebook page that hit a million fans from around the world in under one year.

Originally from Los Angeles, she grew up in a half Israeli Jewish and half Mormon American household which gives her a unique and analytical perspective of the world.

Today she’s known as a viral video creator that has opened up conversations around topics like “The Pink Tax”, “The Visa Trap”, and other relevant social issues.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from her interview during a Mass Challenge rooftop event in Tel Aviv on April 11, 2019:


  • I pick topics based on things I feel there is a gap in… My goal is to make off-limit topics and make it fun and make it shareable  so it reaches a broader audience of people.


  • A lot of video makers fail at [forming] the ending. Your call to action shouldn’t necessarily be overly direct, but what works better is to appeal to the person’s emotions.


  • My first goal is not that it’s shared, it’s that the person who sees it is impacted. The more impacted someone is the more likely they are to share it and the more people your message will reach.


  • When you’re making content, make sure your first line comes full circle with your last line. There’s some kind of connection.. don’t get lost in the middle … Bringing it full circle is important and making sure the last line is super impactful.


  • Each of you have a unique experience that I want to hear about, that we want to hear about, that we never had… being vulnerable really helps. I usually like to have some statistics, 2 or 3 statistics to back your personal story can help a lot in making your story more legitimate.


  •  3 different video monetization streams:
    1. Ads – You can usually get between $500-$1000 per million views. You’re not gonna be making money if you’re just getting a few hundred thousand views…
    2. Paid partnerships on your own page – I can make a video and they can pay me to make it. I don’t do this at all because I’m really about brand integrity first before monetizing because I can be in that position.
    3. Videos for other clients – doing videos for other brands.


  • Making videos was always a weakness, I did not know how to  open editing software until a year and half ago, so you can learn. It’s not that hard.


  • The script is the most important part of your video and people kind of slack on their scripting sometimes. Without a good script your video will do nothing.


  • The most important thing is to be patient with yourself and your journey and not to try to follow the traditional path. You can do a completely different script and get to the same place. Really breakdown what you want. If you find what you’re really looking for, then you can stop wasting time on the stuff around it that you think is what you want when it’s not actually the thing you want.


Check out Alyne’s latest video about FGM!

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