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Work hard, and be nice to people.

There is always a space between art and design, and that’s the spot where we want to be.

Tavo, you’re one of the most extraordinary digital designers of our time. Explain your work and process is. How do you do what you do?

We usually start to think on the brief and what the clients needs and requirements are, then we start to investigate and try new approaches to offer the client. We always face new challenges, using new techniques, looking for new tools, maybe at the beginning is hard but later the result is more creative and unique.

Do you think design is art? Or is art design? Do you consider yourself an artist or designer?

Hm, there is always a space between art and design and that’s the spot where we want to be. Because it’s as if we are artists but then become designers when we get paid. It is a balance of both… and on this topic… we will launch a project very very soon addressing this question… stay tuned.

What do enjoy spending the most part of your day working on? 

The best days are when we are working on personal projects, no rush, no timings, laughs at the studio, some beers after work…  so, to have time to do personal stuff is the best part of the day, when we can.

What were some of your early challenges when you made the decision to be a freelancer? And now you run a creative studio? Can you tell us about how you formed your studio?

Well, I started working in an advertising agency, and I was doing brochures for insurers companies during the day and MTV Idents during the nights as a freelance so… the decision was clear. I saved a bit of money and started as a freelancer, then I set up a studio with other guys and it didn’t work for me and set up another one, Tavo Studio on my own. It is a small but flexible studio, if we need more people we add them to the team for that project. 

Who has been a mentor or someone you have looked up to for advice and inspiration?

Gabriel Suchowolski Microbians is a person that I love and appreciate him because he has always been there and taught me many things.

How do you decide which clients to work with?

We take the project depending on the project based on 3 rules:

  1. creativity, is good for the portfolio,
  2. time to do it and…
  3. a good budget.

If it has 3, it’s the project of your life (never happens), 2 is good, 1 is bad. If it doesn’t have any of the 3 rules, RUN! The brand doesn´t matter.

What is your philosophy about life? Or a mantra, quote or proverb you want to share with us?

Work hard and be nice to people.

Where in the world do you go to for inspiration?

What are your 3 favorite iPhone Apps right now?

Ohhhh, I don’t use Apple anymore 😲… I got a Huawei 20Pro and I’m so happy with it. The apps… I look the weather every day in the Weather App! Also, the Keep to make notes and Social Networks like Facebook & Instagram.

What’s your favourite social media network and why?

Instagram because it is very visual and inspiring, I can see so many things in there about the themes I like.

Dragon or Unicorn? Why?

Hm I like both. I like unicorn because of the colours but at the end… is horse disguised… and the dragon is ugly, however unique and shoots fires



  1. Best Instagram right now: @eltupperdeponze 
  2. Best advice: In this life, everything can be overcome. 
  3. Best lesson in business: Be free to decide, don’t depend on others. 
  4. Best website for inspoBehance 
  5. The App you can’t live without? Instagram or Email App

Where can we find you online?

Reel :






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