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As I evolve as a person,  my work is evolving with me.

As I evolve as a person  my work is evolving with me.

11Qs with Greek Design Goddess, Sofia Papadopoulou.



1. You have a unique ‘je ne sais quoi’ about your design work. What or who inspires/influences your style? Where do you think it comes from?

Well first of all thank you ❤️ Now, what inspires my style… I don’t consider myself having a specific style. What I can surely say is that my work is influenced by experience. Not just work experience. Places I go to, things I see, people I meet, flavors I’m tasting, music I listen to! The way I feel and experience every aspect of life, really does affect my work on a constant basis. As I evolve as a person, my work is evolving with me. This is a realisation I came to after being a professional designer for 12 years. I put a lot of emotion in my work and I think that it’s finally starting to show.

If you asked me a few years back maybe my answer would be Sagmeister or SNASK. But what I came to realise is that besides the fact that I have always looked up to those huge designers / agencies, they have inspired and influenced me in a way that ‘if you want to reach YOUR true potential, don’t stop trying, exploring, staying true to yourself and your beliefs, make it happen!’. If you seek for inspiration in other people’s work the best case scenario is that your work lacks character, the worst, you end up falling in the trap of plagiarism. So I suggest you look elsewhere!

Other than that I have to say that what really inspires me is the project itself. Trying to analyse the projects’ needs and finding the proper visual solutions is where the big inspiration comes from. That’s why I don’t see myself as having a specific style, rather adjusting to the projects’ needs each and every time.

2. The branding and website for Dot Lung is very impressive, (we love it, duh!) how did you come up with the visual concept??

Well that’s easy. As mentioned above my biggest inspiration is the project itself. The moment I saw you on stage (Digitized Conference 2017 / Athens), the way you introduced yourself was ‘Dot stands for Dorothy, Lung means dragon in Mandarin’. That was about it. I honestly, instantly thought that if I ever did branding for you, that would be the concept. ‘That girl is FIRE!’ And there you were, popping the question, and me like… ‘I got this!’. So the true inspiration for the whole project was you really.


3. What’s the latest collaboration you’ve been working on?

You find me in a very creative state, working with clients from New York, Belgium and Greece. Exciting projects, completely different one from another. Doing what I love the most. Websites and Branding.

4. We saw on your Instagram you’re “totally ready for a rebranding”. Can you give us the top secret info on what the direction will be?!?

Oh, it’s gonna be dark. Real dark.

5. In 2018, you’ve won an Awwward for Site of the Day on Dot Lung’s Website, any other awards coming up for you that’d you like the take home?

Recognition of your work from your peers, always brings huge joy and is very highly appreciated! I am really grateful for the distinctions I had the privilege of receiving as part of a team -because there’s always a team behind an award- and I certainly hope there will be more to come. One thing is for sure, that any kind of distinctions only set the bar higher and push you to become better and better, each day.

6. What is your philosophy about life? Or a mantra, quote or proverb you want to share with us?

Depend on your own powers. Always.

7. What’s your dream travel destination or the next place you want to visit?

The fact that I adore Europe and I just can’t get enough of it, is obvious. But I would really love to visit the States at some point. New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco… I’d really love to visit Austin (Texas) for it’s crazy food scene!

8. What’s your favorite restaurant you would take me to in Greece, and what would we order?

Greece is known for its’ gastronomy and for good reason. I certainly would take you somewhere by the sea. My first choice would be Boukadoura Restaurant in Halkidiki. Breathtaking views, elevated Greek cuisine. To start with, we would order sea bass carpaccio, seafood vine leaf roles, seaweed salad and sea urchin salad, accompanied with a premium quality traditional Tsipouro. We would finish with fresh grilled fish and fresh grilled prawns with a fine white wine from Northern Greece. That’s an invitation, right there…!

9. What are your 3 favorite tools you’re using right now for design work?

They are 2. Illustrator and Sketch.

10. Who has been a mentor or someone you have looked up to for advice and inspiration?

That would be Sotiris Gekas, head designer of Point Blank. He has been my mentor when it comes to digital, he’s is the person I turn to when in need for advice. His opinion has been and still is pretty valuable to me.

10. Dragon or Unicorn? Why?

Both. Dragon for its dynamism and Unicorn because we all need a little bit of magic in our lives.




1. Best Instagram right now:

@dotlung (what? I love it!)


2. What is the Best Life advice you ever received:

Stay true to yourself.


3. Best lesson you learned in business:

Work hard. Stay focused.


4. Best destination you go to for inspiration:


5. The App you can’t live without?

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